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What To Expect in Your First Yoga Class

Starting a new journey has never been easy. When deciding whether to start yoga, you might have had moments when you thought you were not ready. Nevertheless, now that you have fought procrastination and stepped out of your comfort zone to try yoga, this article will walk you through what you should do prior to your first class, and what you should expect. Let's dive in.

1. Arrive Early Enough

This is a general etiquette that you should adhere to. When going to your first yoga class, arrive early. Ten to fifteen minutes is recommended, as this time will enable you get acquainted with your instructor. You will tell them if you're new to yoga, if you have an injury or if you're expectant. Additionally, you can tell your instructor your reasons for doing yoga, and if the type of yoga they offer lessons meets your needs.

2. What to wear

Anyone new to yoga might think to participate in yoga, you need to have the latest yoga pants, not to mention the body size. When going to a yoga class, find something comfortable, it could be a tight fitting high waist pants or a little loose pants for women and a comfortable top. While men could go with shorts and a comfortable shirt, a tracksuit may prove to a hindrance when doing some yoga pose. Moreover, you don't have to be thin to do yoga, anybody willing can do yoga.

3. Eat right

When going for your yoga class eat light food. Taking heavy carbs might make you uncomfortable during the class, or may make the people around you uncomfortable. Similarly, not taking anything at all may make you feel dizzy during, and after the session. Especially when the session becomes tough than you anticipated. You can take snacks such as yoghurt or fruits such as bananas.

4. Equipments

When doing yoga, you need some equipments with you. This equipments helps you during the yoga session. Talk to your instructor, so that you know whether you should carry equipments, or if the studio provides the props. Some of the props you might need to carry are mats ,belts, blocks, and blankets.

5. Space

Choosing a comfortable space is really important. This is where the first point is emphasized, arrive early. When you get to the studio early, you choose where to place your mat, whether at the front, back or centre. Most beginners prefer the back, but if you're confident with the middle or front, you should come early and place your mat there. Additionally, you should understand that in yoga, someone's mat is sacred to them, and incase you accidentally step on it you might ruin their session, since most of them will think you have been rude by intruding on their privacy.

6. Speak up

Speaking during a yoga session is not really encouraged. However, if you're experiencing pain or discomfort, you can signal the instructor to come over to your place. If you can't do a pose or are tired, you can lie down in the child's pose as you wait for the next pose to try without calling the attention of the instructor.

7. Learn the basic Sanskrit Names

In yoga, the instructor may use Sanskrit names to name certain poses. If you're new you may not understand everything during the first class, however, eventually you will. Some of the common names/language is; ohmm which is said at the beginning of the session, yogis chant together. Another word is savasana which is a pose at the end of the session in which everyone lies down face up. Then there is 'Namaste' which is said before dispersing as everyone bows down. This chant simply means, the light in me bows to the light in you.

8. Connect with yourself

Yoga is a more of an internal experience. When in a yoga session, you shouldn't worry yourself as to whether people are looking at you or not, because they are not focusing on your imperfections. Use the yoga sessions as the moment to connect with your internal self. Your breath and spirit and let your body relax. Eventually you may start releasing emotions in form of tears. Let the frustrations and emotions go. Don't be afraid to release your emotions because it's healthy for you. Nobody will judge you, that's the beauty of yoga.


As a beginner who is willing to try yoga be open minded and positive about it. Be committed to going to the studio for your classes. Not long you will start experiencing tranquility in your spirit which will seep into your body, your everyday activities and your sleep.