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Understanding Breast Lift Surgery and the Different Types Available

Through breast lift, cosmetic surgeons are now able to help women achieve more proportional, firmer breasts. But how do they do this? What is the technology behind breast lift surgery? This procedure involves the use of various tools and techniques to get the desired results. Let’s take a look at what exactly is breast lift surgery, the different types available, and of course what happens during the procedure.

So, what is breast lift?

Generally speaking, breast lift is basically restoring firmer, more aesthetically pleasing and perkier shape to sagging breasts. It is a procedure conducted by a qualified cosmetic surgeon in order to improve the general appearance of a patient by removing any excess and stretched out skin. The surgeon reshapes the entire breast tissue, raising the areola and nipple into a forward position to bring a more youthful contour of the breast. In cases of a stretched or large areola, the surgeon may also choose to reduce it during the surgery, achieving a better overall proportion.

Types of Breast Lift

There are several types of breast lift procedures, in which surgeons use different incision techniques based on the existing breast tissue of the patient, her personal goals and the amount of skin that’s to be removed. After assessment, the surgeon recommends the right type of procedure to achieve the best results and at the same time achieving optimal results. These techniques are:

Crescent Lift

This technique achieves minimal scarring and is conducted to correct minimal sagging. It basically involves making small incisions, running half-way around the patient’s top half of the areola’s edge. Mostly, a crescent lift is done when patients are having breast augmentation.

Pre-Areola (Donut) Lift

This technique is aimed at correcting mild-sagging with a single scar. The procedure involves making a circular incision that runs around the edge of the patient’s areola. Just like a crescent lift, this technique is conducted during breast augmentation. In most cases is done to help reduce the size of the areola, and the trace of the scar is only left at its edge.

Vertical (lollipop) lift

Vertical lift allows the surgeon to remove any excess skin, reshaping the entire breast. The procedure is aimed at correcting moderate sagging in order to provide more extensive reshaping. It involves two incisions, one of which is done at the edge of the areola and the other running vertically right from the areola’s bottom all the way to the inframammary fold. The end result should be a ‘lollipop’ shape.

Inverted T (Anchor) Lift

Patients who have considerable sagging and pendulous breasts are best candidates for this type of breast lift. The cosmetic surgeon removes quite a considerable amount of sagging tissue as well as skin with the aim of yielding better results. The incisions made are three: one around the areola’s edge, one along the inframammary fold, and the other vertically starting from the areola’s bottom to the breast crease. This lift may have visible scarring, but fades away with proper care.

The popularity of breast lift is growing tremendously these days. While many women may want the procedure done, most of them do not know the different types of the procedure that are available. These are some of the common types of breast lift and the technology behind each.