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The healing power of extra virgin olive oil

The health benefits and nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil to humans is priceless and exceptional. Hippocrates, considered to be among the fathers of medicine was the first person to note the therapeutic magic of olive oil. He discovered that you could use olive oil to treat abrasions and preserve skin elasticity. Over time, the oil has built its name within the medical field. Experts recommend that you take at least 1-2 spoons of olive oil a day.

Picking extra virgin olive oil as a daily boost to your daily immune system has been recommended for the longest time. It is loaded with excellent phytonutrients which fight illnesses like:


Diets that are rich in virgin olive oil are an effective approach towards tackling type 2 diabetes. Apart from improving insulin sensitivity and strengthening blood sugar control, virgin olive oil also lowers low-density lipoproteins hence reducing the onset and risk of diabetes.


A simple remedy of extra virgin olive oil can assist in countering Osteoporosis, an illness that is characterized by low bone mass. Extra virgin olive oil nourishes your skeletal system in addition to improving bone mineralization. This is because of its capability to increase calcium breakdown and absorption.

Cardiovascular diseases

The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties of virgin olive oil make it a prime candidate in battling coronary heart diseases arteriosclerosis, and blood pressure. The oil will boost your cardio health by keeping your cholesterol levels in check. It will assist in preventing oxidation of fats along with your bloodstream in addition to dilating your blood vessels to improve blood circulation. Diets rich in virgin olive oil have been known to also slow down the aging process of your heart.


Predominantly laced with monosaturated fatty acids and nutritious components like vitamin E and squalene, virgin olive oil deploys a protective layer against malignant tumors which may result into a variety of cancers; for example, breast, skin, bowel, ovarian, intestinal, and lung cancer.

Digestive disorders

Virgin olive oil often functions as a balm to your stomach. It is recommended for various digestive complications. It is considered a natural solution for relieving constipation. It also strengthens your digestive system and assists in the prevention of stomach and gastric ulcers by reducing the reflux of food.

With all the above benefits of the extra virgin olive oil, it is eminent that you make it part of your daily life. If not as a cure for an ailment, then as prevention for various health complications.