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Sex during Pregnancy

The subject of sex is somewhat a taboo in different cultures. Talking about it during pregnancy becomes even harder, if not embarrassing. There are men who will not touch their wives the moment they announce I’m pregnant’. But the nine months is too long to go without sex for a married couple.

Sex can still be enjoyed in pregnancy. Numerous couples worry that when the unborn baby may get endangered by the mother engaging in sexual intercourse. This results in them abstaining from sex which should not be the case.

Sex is like any other exercise, like walking or any other physical workout. Unless the doctor has requested that a couple abstains, there is no reason to stop. An instance where a doctor will recommend non-practice is when the placenta is low and covering the birth canal. This can lead to bleeding or spotting during pregnancy.

First Trimester Challenges

In the first trimester, a pregnant woman may find it challenging to convince her mind that sex will be like before. This is the time she is trying to figure out if it is right or wrong to have it. It is only understandable; there is a lot happening to her body like nausea accompanies by vomiting breast inflammation, mood swings, and low self-esteem. At this time the expectant mother feels tired most of the time and just wants to sleep or lie down. All these changes may be a damper on any sexual feelings that arise.

Second Trimester

Things become better from the third month. The woman is becoming more aware of her state and is even enjoying the pregnancy. She may be at ease having sexual intercourse. The only thing to do is to adjust to positions that are comfortable for her since the weight is increasing.

Third Trimester

Many couples fear to have sex when they get to the third trimester. The pregnancy is now advanced and the baby has begun kicking. The woman appreciates the pregnancy more and is careful not to hurt her baby. This is when husbands fear that any sexual intercourse will endanger the pregnancy. Again, unless a doctor says so, there is no reason to abstain, only just like with any other exercise. It should not be as vigorous.

It is also important to that at this stage, there is decreased sexual drive for the woman. This may be brought about by backaches and the fact she is heavier now. There are a lot of painful cramps and pain in the lower part of the abdomen. Adopt comfortable positions that will put into considerations all these factors.

Labor Induction

A major benefit of sex during pregnancy is the induction of labor. If the mother-to-be does not want to wait until her Expected delivery date. She may engage in sex, for during orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is produced. This hormone helps the uterus to contract and the woman can go into labor. Anytime after 38 weeks, the uterus will contract during orgasm producing oxytocin. This will help her go into labor.

In this case, therefore, enjoy having sex during sex all through pregnancy unless a doctor requests you to abstain.