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Are Fitness Trackers Worth It

People use fitness trackers to keep track of their physical activity. The gadgets do this by collecting data like distance, altitude, perspiration, heart rate and calories consumed. Some fitness trackers can be quite pricey, while others, like pedometers, may even be free. People spend as much as $220 on these gadgets. To find out if they might be worth it, see if you exemplify the following qualities.


People who love setting - and smashing - goals may just benefit from fitness trackers. If the thrill of success is exciting, a fitness tracker might be worth it. It keeps track of your goals, and lets users know how well they have done on a daily basis. By providing a record of ones successful and not-so-successful days, fitness trackers provide just the right motivation for competitive people.


People who hate spending money should probably invest in one of these things. Dropping $200 on a fitness watch might be just the thing to get off the couch. A miserly person will not want their money to go to waste and so they will work harder to ‘earn’ it.

Use of Social Media

People who enjoy documenting their fitness journeys on social media may be interested in the social proof that fitness apps and trackers provide. Even better, they can use them to create communities around fitness, both online and offline. Sharing one’s fitness journey online adds another layer of accountability. Having friends, family, and other followers on social media keeping up with one’s fitness journey reduces the probability of falling off the wagon.

Presence of Incentives

Some employers and insurance companies will provide incentives for meeting fitness goals. They might pay bonuses. Insurance companies might reduce the premiums on the health insurance policy of a person who is taking steps to improve their health. One company refunds its employees once they hit one million steps. They do this because healthy employees make the company more profitable. These incentives are worth pitching, for people who don’t already have them.

Heart Problems

People who want to make sure that they work out safely should use fitness trackers to keep track of their heart rate. A fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor helps users to avoid overexerting themselves or under exerting themselves. Overexertion may be dangerous and under exertion may be ineffective.

Anyone who is making a decision about whether to buy a fitness tracker should do it after considering their personal lifestyle and personality fit. According to an article published in the Harvard Health Letter, wearing a fitness tracker does have a modest impact on the amount of exercise.