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4 Effective Ways To Control High Blood Pressure

What is High Blood Pressure? It's when the blood against the artery walls is too high. Below are are few ways one can use to control the high blood pressure.

1. Exercise

Exercise regularly! This help in bringing your blood pressure into reasonable levels. The risk of high blood pressure increases with age, however engaging in some activities like exercise can help you control it. Some of the few exercises include; skipping, running, cycling and many more. You can enroll to the gym if your pocket allows it, nevertheless, you can work out in your own house and end up not spending a dime on this journey. Exercise on a regular basis and with time the impact will be awesomely rewarding.

2. Diet

Avoid fatty foods, eat more of low-fat dairy products. Fruits, vegetables and legumes are also commendable. Shop wisely, buy food that has less cholesterol, eat more of potassium (bananas) which is better than taking drugs or rather supplements. Avoid starch (white bread, white rice). Some health gurus usually say "No carbs after 3 P.M." Meaning anything that has sugar or starch should be avoided in the late hours of the day. Always watch what you eat.

3. Sodium Reduction

Too much of something is poisonous!

Too much of salt consumption can lead to the rise of sodium in your bloodstream, resulting in high blood pressure. Reducing salt can help to control or prevent high blood pressure. Processed foods have a high amount of sodium which happens during processing, it's advisable to avoid highly processed foods or eat low quantity to keep yourself from high blood pressure risks. The less salt you take the least you are likely to get the high blood pressure.

4. Alcohol Control

Alcohol is not really bad for your health, however, drinking too much of it can lead to health hazards. For someone who is struggling with high blood pressure, it's advisable to take small amounts due to the calories that can lead to weight gain and hence the high blood pressure.